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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hibiscus Coast Writers Illustration Competition

Please find the list of illustration themes for this year’s Illustration Competition below. 
The closing date for these is 1 November 2013
These should be in full colour, max A4 in size and be the artists’ own work. 
Please mail to Tanya Gouws at 5 Lagoon View Drive, Gulf Harbour.

2013 Illustration List

Emperor Penguins
Stormy night
A straight road in the desert
A geyser
A river flowing by with willow trees and lambs
The Mansion House on Kawau
A plane crash
Christmas at a camping ground
Immigrants landing at Puhoi (1863)
Car crashing into a bike
World War I fighter planes
Expedition in the Amazon jungle
A slave trader’s boat, AD94
Cross country run
A girl riding a dolphin
A cocker spaniel puppy
The drop-off zone outside a primary school
A campsite in the bush
A school swimming carnival
At the tree adventure park : ‘Treetops’
The Sky Tower
An Anglo-Saxon burial ground
Getting muddy on the rugby field
Leaf boat race
Prince Spaghetti and Princess Meatball

ONE illustration will be chosen as the anthology cover image and the artist will win $40 cash and a copy of the publication!  Other illustrations will be selected to be included as artwork throughout the anthology, but these are unfortunately not eligible for any prizes.