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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Local ‘Jim’ makes the walk to school safe again for Gulf Harbour School pupils

Thank you so much to Keith Duffin from Jims Mowing and Gary Turton (Dad from school) for making this palm safe for our children to walk past.

Seeing the danger to the Gulf Harbour School children who use the footpath on Shakespear Road just inches from the spikes of this partly pruned palm, concerned Keith Duffin of Jims Mowing so much he had to do something about it.

‘These spikes are extremely sharp and the kids walk, run and ride bikes right past here each day on their way to and from school. Kids don’t realise how dangerous they are, one slip and these spikes will skewer them. So I asked the property owner if I could make it safe – for no charge” said Keith.

Previous attempts to trim the fronds had left the hard sharp spikes pointing straight towards the footpath. ”I’ve brushed against these palms while mowing other customers lawns and got the spikes stuck in me, they are very painful and difficult to remove” said Keith. After a trim and with a trailer full of palm fronds – the children can get past with more space and safely.

Keith has a word of advice to other property owners with palms. “Many people don’t know how to prune palms. If you are going to prune them make sure you cut them right back to the trunk to remove all the hard spikes that are nearer the trunk”. “Wear strong leather gloves and protection from the spikes and be sure to dispose of the fronds immediately as they are still very dangerous if on the ground and someone walks over them.”