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Thursday, June 6, 2013

We Are Looking For Homestay Families

Are you interested in hosting international students for our school?

We have two international groups visiting Gulf Harbour School this autumn and winter.

We are excited to welcome a group of Chinese students from Ningbo Beilun Huashan Primary School from July 7th to July 15th. The children will have to be dropped off for normal school hours to attend their program which includes attendance of our school. Double placement of the children is possible and the homestay fee will be $ 220.00 per week per student. The age of the students has to be confirmed.

We are also delighted to welcome Ritsumeikan Junior High School back at Gulf Harbour. The fourteen to fifteen year old Japanese students will stay from August 20th  to September 4th  and attend our school and their sight seeing program within school hours. Please, check whether you could offer the following set up:

-        There is no other Japanese student living with you

-        The student has her/ his own bedroom for the time of the stay

-        You have a child living with you in your household

The homestay fee is $ 220.00 per week.

If you are interested in one or both of the homestay opportunities we can offer, please contact Dagmar Goodall: d.goodall@ghs.school.nz