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Friday, August 30, 2013

Get Ready For Our Walkie-Talkie Walkathon 13 Setpember

Dear Parents

We have exciting news! On Friday13 September we will be having a school walkathon. This will entail the school walking in classes around Shakespeare Park and our local area. We have called it the ‘Walkie Talkie Walkathon’ and this year we are raising funds for our library.

We are also trying something a little different. Rather than just walking around a fixed course, there will be a series of challenges and at each challenge, classes will have to take a photograph. The aim is to upload the pictures straight to class Yammer accounts so you can track a classes progress during the day. 

We are keen for you to get as many sponsors as you can for this important cause from now until the walk (Sept 13). You can do this by filling out the enclosed sponsorship form or by going online to... 
The beauty of online sponsorship is that it is easy and you can call on friends and family that are further away. We will also email this link and have it on class Yammer accounts.

Room 14 are currently designed the days special challenges and we think it will be a lot of fun. So, please get behind us this year. If you are free on the 13th please join us for the fun!

Yours sincerely
Mr Walkie, Mr Talkie and Room 14

Gulf Harbour School