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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Homestay Families Needed for 2014

Chinese Sister School Visit   7th - 18th August 2014
Ningbo Beilun Huashan Primary School

We are looking for families that would be interested in hosting two Chinese students at the same time. There will be two ten year old boys, two boys aged 11 and 13 and two girls aged 12.

The students will be here from 7th - 18th August 2014

Homestay fee is $220 per week, per student. The students take part in a program, but they will spend time with you on the weekend and in the evenings.
Japanese Group Visit 19th - 31st August 2014
Ritsumeikan Moriama High School

Our school will host a group of  Japanese students from 19th - 31st August.
Please, be aware that the agent has very strict placement conditions.

The 14 - 15 year old Japanese students will attend our school and their sight seeing program within school hours. Please, check whether you can offer the following set up:

-       There is no other Japanese student living with you and preferably no other Asian student. Please inform us if you have another homestay student living with you under all circumstances.
-       The student has her/ his own bedroom for the time of the stay
-       You have a child living with you in your household
-       Girls can only be placed into a household with at least one daughter, boys only into a family with at least one son living there.
-       Double placement is not possible

The homestay fee is $220.00 per week.

Contact:  Dagmar Goodall, d.goodall@ghs.school.nz.  Phone: 428 0202  Ext: 710