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Thursday, August 13, 2015

School Cross Country Timetable

 9:30 am        Year 0 - 2 to board bus to Shakespear Park.
10:00 am         Briefing by sports team re cross country regulations.
10:15 am       Year 0/1s to race
10:30 am       Year 2s to race.
10:45 am       Year 3s to race.
11:00 am       Year 4s to race.
11:15 am       Year 5s to race.

11:30 am       Year 6s to race.
11:45 am       Year 7s to race.
12:00 pm         Year 8’s to race.
12:30 pm       Break/ lunch/briefing.

1:00 pm         Massive school fitness game finish and 1:30pm and return to school.