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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

School Swimming Sports Schedule 2017

9:00am Roll Check, students to change into togs
underneath correct school uniform.  Please
encourage them to bring a plastic bag to carry wet
clothing in.

9:30am Meet on the courts as a group ready to depart
school, Karen to promote correct travelling
protocol highlighted on RAMS form.

9:45am Board Buses to Stanmore Bay Leisure Centre.

10:00am Assemble outside Leisure centre in class groups.
Parent Helpers meet inside with Ruth.

10:15am Enter the pool, sit in house groups, and be ready.

10:30am Event 1: House Challenge
Event 2: Wave Rider

11:00am Event 3: 25m Freestyle Year 5 girls
Year 5 boys
Year 6 girls
Year 6 boys
Year 7 girls
Year 7 boys
Year 8 girls
Year 8 boys
11:40am Event 4: 25m Backstroke Order as above
12:20pm Event 5: Mystery Activity
12:45pm Event 6: 25m Breast stroke
1:10pm Event 7: 25m Open Butterfly - Final
1:30pm Event 8: 25m Freestyle Finals
1:40pm Event 9: 25m Backstroke Finals
1:50pm Event 10: 25m Breast stroke Finals
2:00 - 2:10 Event 11: Free Swim x2 house groups.
2:10 - 2:20 Event 12: Free Swim x2 house groups.
2:30pm Board Buses back to school.